Vom Friesen German Shepherds

AKC quality bred west german showline red/black and sable in Oregon

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            Health Guarantee:                      
The purchaser has five days from time of receipt to have the puppy examined by a license veterinarian. This is to allow the new owner time to have his vet examine the pup for a clean bill of health. Failure to have the puppy examined by your vet within this time period voids all  guarantees.Should the licensed veterinarian find the puppy unfit for purchase due to health, congenital or hereditary disorders only, within time period, the breeder will exchange the puppy. (This excludes any injury the pup may incur while under the new ownership.) Return shipping charges, etc. will be at the purchaser’s expense. A note from the veterinarian must be included explainingany medical problems                 
HIP Guarantee:
Your pup is guaranteed to be free of hip dysplasia  to an age of 26 months.                                             
To validate this guarantee:

Ø  The dog must be owned by the original owner. 
Ø  The puppy/dog has not been bred.
Ø  The puppy/dog is not overweight
Ø  The puppy/dog has not been allowed to do an excessive amount of jumping up and down or off of bed/furniture 
Ø  The puppy/dog has been fed a high quality food.
Ø  The puppy/dog has to have Vom Friesen in his/her registered name.
Ø  The puppy/dog is not over 26 months of age              
Hip evaluation must be done by OFA and show that the hips are moderately to severely dysplastic.   
If your dog is shown to be dysplastic  the owner has these options:

Ø  Return the dog to vom friesen along with all paperwork and receive a replacement puppy.
Ø  You may decide to keep the dog. If you choose this option  you may purchase a replacement puppy at half price.. You must show us paperwork showing that the dog has been neutered or spayed.If hip dysplasia is suspected to be caused by environmental factors or poor nutrition, no guarantee shall apply for hips.                 
Deposit: Deposit for a puppy from Vom Friesen is five hundred dollars. This deposit is non-refundable. Your puppy is ready to go home at 8 weeks of age unless prior arrangements are made and accepted in writing. If you cannot pick up your puppy at eight weeks a charge of $15 per day for boarding will be charged for a maximum of 5 business days. If your puppy is not picked up at that time,  the puppy will be available for resale.  
Checks are acceptable as retainers, but balance must be made in cash,  money order or bank check for puppy to go home. 
Personal Checks will NOT be accepted as final payment 
If in the future, you cannot keep your puppy/dog from Vom Friesen , we will take the puppy/dog back and find it a good home. 
Our puppy/dogs are NEVER to be placed in an animal shelter or pound.

ALL pet  puppies are sold with  AKC LIMITED Registration (Pet) some are sold with FULL registration, but this is to an approved and responsible breeding program.